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I learnt a new word today. Despite my German ancestry, I've never acquired more than a basic grasp of the language- I did Spanish as a foreign language GCSE- but James O'Brien on LBC alerted me, and all his other listeners, to the word Cassandrafreude, which roughly translates as 'the grim satisfaction of being right about something, even though the fact that you are right makes your situation worse'. Roughly.

As a person with multiple disabilities, I hold a lot of-completely founded and based on firsthand experience- distrust when it comes to the Conservative government and public welfare, health, and wellbeing.

As I need to explain in a fresh post- because it's a long story- I researched (thank the stars for old university logins that give access to online, peer-reviewed journal articles) into the connection between Covid-19 and blood-clotting/stroke a long time before this peer-reviewed, clinically-proven fact hit the media. At that point (which was months ago- around when I attempted to phone into James O'Brien's LBC show, in fact), I knew that Covid-19 could cause me to have a second stroke and either die or not make as good a recovery as I made/am making the first time. (This is due to my age- twenty-seven, the fact that my body is no longer growing/my brain has stopped it's natural early development, and the fact that I already have one brain injury). I KNEW this. I told my social sphere all about it via Facebook posts. I lost old friends that felt that their OPINION that Covid-19 is a hoax/fake news (to use Donald Trump's hideous phrasiology)/is caused by 5G technology/is invented by the government in order to force us all into submission and to accept vaccines (that- don't forget- are the CAUSE of autism*). I tried to phone James O'Brien on LBC and got hung up on because the receptionist didn't like my 'disabled voice' (my assumption), preventing me from informing the world.


(there are other, current, examples of cassandrafreude in my life right now (*cough* Brexit *cough*), but this one is completely relevant to being a Teenage Stroke Survivor (who is now in her late twenties). *Vaccines do not cause autism. I've known and worked with people that have autism for many years. Although there is not a single, proven, cause of autism, the idea that vaccines cause it was disproven decades ago.

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