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Exciting times

I recently announced that I'm a #BBCNewCreative. This is a step beyond my 2019 audio-based work for Coventry Biennial, 'Discursive Ability': I will have a far wider audience for a new and different audio!

Unrelatedly, I have spent this week in a myriad of BBC/Hello Culture zooms, which have been really informative and interesting. It feels strange that I'm suddenly almost studying and practicing Media after a lifetime of focussing on more traditional Fine Art, but it's mostly just incredibly exciting! I remember doing my BA (Hons) dissertation on the powers of art and media (I think the title was something silly like 'Is the Media more Powerful than Art?') in the context of the Vietnam war and Donald Trump's Presidential election, and I really wanted Art and the Arts to be the things that would change the world.

I'm also making more use of Instagram and will be properly updating this website very soon!

Much love,



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