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A stammerers attempt to phone LBC (the complaint)

I originally posted this on Facebook, but I post so much that I almost lost it amongst Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, Art, and pro-Trade Union posts! I want this example of disability discrimination to be recorded somewhere (LBC didn't acknowledge my comments so I expect that they binned them).

21st May 2020

Dear sir or madam,

I am a regular listener to James O'Brien on LBC, and my flatmate and I had made the decision to contact James in order to comment that we have experienced years of disinformation conveyed through media and social media, the government are able to rely on much of society having a lower level of intellect than they perhaps could have (due in part to schooling and dumbed-down media), and that I was only able to discover rigorous, peer-reviewed research by accessing my old university's online library (and I'm just a Fine Art graduate). My flatmate was going to do the talking, but had to take a call from her family at the same time that somebody answered the phone to me. I was desperate to share the fact that, according to peer-reviewed scientific studies which I have read, Covid-19 is now shown to have caused internal blood-clotting in patients that survived the virus itself (the clots are thought to start in the lungs). These travel upwards to the brain and cause stroke. I have also heard from somebody in a stroke support group that Covid-19 caused them to have a second stroke despite the fact that they were taking blood-thinning medication since their first stroke. I survived a stroke at the age of thirteen and have been left with multiple disabilities including a stammer and dysarthric speech (as well as other disabilities), and I wanted to tell James and all his listeners from experience how much harder life is when you have an acquired brain injury and warn everyone about what could happen even if they survived the onset of Covid-19. Unfortunately, because I speak with a stammer, the receptionist that answered the phone asked me to repeat myself, then hung up on me. I wish for this to be noted and taken extremely seriously as disability discrimination, especially since LBC (and James's show in particular) is supposed to be progressive.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Jasmine Moreton


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